Introduction Phase

Our first phase in Kids First Basketball is the Introduction Phase . Here, as the name implies, your child is introduced to the program for at least a term. Through this they get to know the basic format of the program.

They are introduced to the basic skills of the game through a fun filled program of games and drills. Our coaches will observe their progress in this phase and then recommend participants for advancement when ready.

Intermediate Phase

The Intermediate Phase of Kids First takes the participants to an enhanced level of the introduction phase with the development of skills first taught in the introduction phase.
New skills are also introduced as well as some team concepts and defensive drills with match situations in mind.

Games Phase

In the Games Phase participants spend the first half of their kids first sessions completing drills and skill development. In the second half of their weekly session the kids are introduced to 1/2 court games where they will play as teams for the first time and be introduced to game and team concepts as well as the rules of the game.

Preperation Phase

For the kids this is the most exciting phase of Kids First. It is in this phase that the kids are placed in teams and play games on a full court for the first time. It is in this phase that teams are formed, coaches and team managers for each team are recruited and the kids very first Warriors playing uniforms are measured and ordered.

After a term of this phase the kids will be ready to take their place for the first time as a Warriors team in proper competition.

Saturday Dates:
April  21st, 28th
May 5th, 12th, 19th, & 26th
June 2nd, 16th
& 23rd.


Dates for Term 2- 2017

Skills & Drills Sessions

Skills & Drills Sessions

Warrior Ball Sessions

Warrior Ball Sessions

Warrior Ball Sessions